How Does it Work


The KB2 experience starts online. We create an exclusive online apparel store just for you, branded with your logo. You can link to any site of your choice and it can be white labelled upon request.

Some benefits of having your own exclusive online store:

  • Access to the store 24/7, 365 days a year
  • No inventory or sizing issues
  • Choose from 80 items in four categories (Men’s, Ladies, Youth & Headwear/Accessories) with over 700 colour combinations
  • No worries about payment or delivery of apparel
  • Customize each item
  • Add your name, number, position or logo to any apparel item
  • Choose from over a dozen colour choices on average per apparel item
  • Add more items frequently
  • Ability to run multiple stores with various logos/brands
  • Anyone can make a purchase at any time, from anywhere

How do you decorate?

Our primary decorating method of choice is direct to garment (DTG) and we also use embroidery when applicable. When the quality of the item won’t allow for these methods, we’ll use a transfer. Our rates are based on the size of the logo, not the number of colours. Whether your logo has one colour or ten, you pay the same amount.

What’s the hook? What do I need to do?

You will need to provide your logo in one of each of the following formats:

  1. an EPS or PDF file
  2. a PNG or JPEG

If you don’t have these files, we can create them for you for a one-time fee. Once they’re created, those files are yours for life!

For all embroidery items, you will need a DST file. If you don’t have this available, we will create it for you for a one-time fee of $50 on average plus tax. After we create it, the file is yours to keep.

The hook – the fee to set-up the online store is $100. This fee includes the set-up of our full catalogue of 80 apparel items with over 700 colour combinations.

How long does it take to get started?

In most cases, we will have you up and running within a week.

How long does it take for the items to arrive once the order is placed?

The service we offer is no minimum orders, and that service takes time, as items are ordered and decorated on an individual basis. We give full disclosure that you will need to allow a minimum of four weeks from the time you place the order until it arrives on your doorstep.

We advise all customers of this when they place an order. We won’t rush, it’s not our style or our philosophy. If you need something quickly, contact us and we’ll do our best to work it out – there may be a rush charge.

Quality and customization take time, and we thank all of our customers for understanding that.

So, If I want more than 12 items can you still help me?

We’re dedicated to ensuring your apparel needs are met. For all orders over the 12-item mark, we’ll consult with our apparel partners to decide if your larger order would be best served by KB2, or if going traditional makes more sense for you.

Where do you ship to?


Can I pick up my order?

Not unless previous arrangements have been made.

To those who have set up the account, yes, we can do this to save shipping costs. For customers at large, the answer is unfortunately not at this time.
How can we pay?

Our website takes credit cards, PayPal and money transfers. For those that don’t have access to electronic payments, we will accept cheque or cash but these payment methods must be received prior to the order being processed.

What if it doesn’t fit/quality issues?

Each item has a size chart and description attached to it. We trust our customers to measure correctly and make their order accordingly. We state in each item description that we will not accept exchanges as a result of sizing issues.

However, we will exchange any garments based on quality issues, as we stand behind our work and the work of our vendors.

Okay, how does your pricing work?

We want to say it upfront: we’re not cheap.

We are a low volume apparel provider and in most cases, that means working with a single item. Our price models factor in shipping, set-up and other variables that are not always relevant in high volume orders. Ordering one item is much different than ordering dozens of items in bulk. We thank all our customers for understanding our process and how we reach our pricing.

KB2 offers two pricing options:

  1. Standard for-profit
  2. Brand Building not-for-profit

Each apparel item is priced on the following criteria:

  1. Apparel Item & Size
  2. Size of Decoration
  3. KB2 Clothing Fee (a flat fee per apparel item)

What do I need to do on my end?

Promote your exclusive online store! Whether you want to build your brand or your site is for-profit, the only way we both succeed is by getting more people wearing your logo. KB2 will be active on social media promoting your items, but you must also be driven within yourself and/or your team.

Do we sign a contract?

Nope! Nothing needs to be signed in the way of a contract. We ask that you agree to the terms we’ve laid out, then we can get started. We’ve been in this business for a long time and worked at the highest levels. Our focus is ensuring you’re happy, your brand succeeds and your customers (who are now our customers, too) are happy with their purchases.

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