The idea for KB2 began during an encounter with NFL Alum Juran Bolden, back when I was the Brand Manager for the Bomber Store. Bolden, a 6-foot-2 lump of pure athleticism, approached me in my office and asked about getting some custom apparel items for his family back home in Atlanta.

I was caught empty-handed. The only thoughts running through my head were “we don’t have that”, immediately followed by “how can we do that?”. The only apparel customization we were doing at the time was limited to custom names on jerseys. We simply didn’t have the ability to achieve what Bolden was after: truly customized apparel.

I had to think fast, because Bolden was a big deal at the time. Tall and muscular, the man was intimidating, and I didn’t want to get on his bad side. I ducked him in the locker room for a few days, before I finally contacted his family directly, and took care of what they needed. It was an ideal solution at the time, but still didn’t solve the customized apparel problem.

Milt Stegall Limited Edition and Custom Apparel

The problem stuck in my head for about a year, until 2008 when the Milt Stegall Phenomenon was reaching fever pitch. During this time, Milt Stegall and the Blue Bombers placed a lot of trust in me and my team to deliver exceptional custom merchandise. It was during this time that the full possibilities of apparel customization and personalization with no minimums really sunk in. We were ordering hundreds of bulk-produced Stegall items, but there were still thousands of fans that wanted a more personal connection to Milt and the Bomber Brand in the form of custom apparel.

Stegall and Bolden opened my eyes to a whole new world and changed my perception on the type of apparel that customers and fans of a brand really want, and it was with this renewed perspective that I decided to start KB2 Clothing: a family-owned, no minimum, custom apparel company.

I look forward to serving the local community in finding cost-effective solutions to all of your custom apparel problems. Click here to view some of the clients that I’ve helped.

Jeffrey Bannon,
Husband, and father of two.

I’d like to dedicate this first blog post to Jerry Maslowsky. You never, ever gave up on me, please don’t stop now.

“Everyone has a logo or a brand that deserves to be worn the way they want!”