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You have a design and want to get it to the masses – we can help. KB2 can help get your design on over 80 apparel items with over 700 colour combinations.

It’s a winning partnership. You’re the creative spirit and we’re the retail team, it’s like peanut butter and jam – meant to go together.

We’ll set up your online store featuring your designs and you can start to earn revenue in a matter of days.

You can see how it works here.

Also, check out our awesome line up of current partners.

That’s it, really. It doesn’t matter if you have one design or49, we want to work with you!

KB2 will waive all set-up fees to designers.

Let’s get to work selling awesome gear and promoting your brands!


How much do we charge non-profits and charities? Not a dime, not a nickel, not even a cent. We won’t take your money, plus we’ll waive all set-up charges.

Enter KB2 Clothing. We’ll set up your own online apparel store, with your brand, your logo – and over 80 items and over 700 colour combinations.

We get charged per garment and decoration, but after that, everything else goes back to you. KB2 Clothing will donate every cent we collect to your non-profit or charity.

No hidden fees, no admin fees, no nothing fees! You get it all.

You’re fighting the good fight day in and day out, trying to make a difference. At KB2, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay additional fees on apparel for either your team, your peers or for fundraising efforts.

We created this company because we know the business better than most, we have extensive experience and believe those who are trying to make a difference in the non-profit and charity sector need some help to ensure as much revenue goes toward their bottom line as possible. Every penny counts and we want to ensure you get as many as possible.

All you need to do to get started is contact us and we’ll get the gears in motion.
In this world, we need to ensure we’re giving back to those that give back each and every day.


Sometimes there’s only one of you and sometimes you’re part of a staff. Either way, a professional looking coaching staff with a uniform look is part of the deal. We expect our athletes to be in uniform when they show up to play, so why expect anything less from the coaches?

We also believe all other key members of the team administration deserve to be geared up and recognized for their contributions. Managers, trainers and all other positions should look the part without having to pay through the nose to get gear in the style, colour and customization they require.

Let KB2 Clothing work with your team administration to ensure you look like part of the team.


No matter what sport you play, from a team of one to a full squad of 60, each athlete is a unique individual. Individualization is where KB2 Clothing shines! From warm up, to travel gear, to casual wear, to gifts for your friends and family, we’ve got it all Creating great team apparel is what we’ve been trained to do and what we have done from the amateur level, Olympic level and professional level.

Let us work with your team to create custom apparel as unique as your teammates.


We want to support the athletes in our lives. We want to cheer, we want to encourage and we want to represent the team’s colours and logos. That’s where KB2 can make your vision a reality. We can customize each garment with your athlete’s name, number and position so you can show your support both on and off the playing field.

At KB2 Clothing we can create a custom store for your team, league or association that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The best part? Anyone from anywhere in the world can place an order to support your team.


Are you having a wedding, social, baby shower, graduation, reunion, or anniversary? Do you want to celebrate your special occasion with unique custom apparel? At KB2, creating custom clothing items to help you celebrate the important moments is what we do, and we love it.

We want to work with you and your family to create a lasting memory that will remain long after the event is over. Say what you want to say and make the memory last with custom apparel created by KB2 Clothing.


Who doesn’t want to win? We play for the pure sport, athleticism and the friends we make along the way, but we all know that winning usually feels better than the alternative.

When you do win, celebrate with some apparel! We know you have lots of options when making your decision, but no one else designs it like we do.


We’ve all played, studied or worked somewhere, so why not continue supporting your past organization by sporting an alumni line? We can create, design and set up your own online custom store that can reach anyone in the world and raise funds to support the organization.


Every business has a logo, brand or motto. Many businesses like to see their employees wearing their logo, but why not have that option available to family, friends and even customers? They want to support you, your brand and your business. Let’s get started with your own online apparel store that’s open 24/7, 365 days a year with no minimums and no inventory.


Do you have a concept you think is cool? Have a saying you think is the next big hit? Let’s have a conversation and see how we can partner up and work together. Check out our online store to see what we’re talking about!

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